Zimbabwean Prophet Paid A Man & A Woman To Fake Getting Stuck During S3x, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


A Zimbabwe prophet, Madzibaba Benji stands accused of stage-managing a case of two cheating couples who got stuck, and circulated photographs of a man and woman supposedly stuck together.

People at the worship place however became divided with some saying the miracle occurred indeed while others disputed that. Word is also awash nearby that it was a stage-managed event meant to boost attendance, Sources reports.

“You cannot see Madzibaba Benji he has gone to Chitungwiza; he will be back soon,” one of the aides told sources.

One of the prophet’s aides also reportedly became hostile and refused to talk about the story behind the photos circulating.

Even the police denied attending to the scene as claimed. “It is new to me,” said a police officer who spoke with Sources.

The prophet however called the media house later to insist the much talked about event happened;

“It is a true story. A Waterfalls woman consulted me over her husband and I proved to her by sending my elders to a lodge where her husband was having sex near Park Town,” said Madzibaba Benji.

“We tried in vain to reach any media house when it happened and I do not know where they stay or their contact numbers.

Residence refuted the story saying Madzibaba is after fame and adding membership to his shrine.

“Madzidzibaba Benji is desperate to have more people at his shrine. He faked the miracle and sent his aides to take photographs that do not show faces of the victims,” said one of the residents.

PhotoCredit : H-Metro

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