Top 10 Artistes We Thought Might Never Be Irrelevant (Do You Agree?)

Talents in Nigeria music industry is a perfect proof to back the argument of the country being the most blessed country in Africa up.

Gone are those days when it takes just your talents to blow in this industry. These days, our artistes understand the concept of the game as a whole and the tend to try all they can to get into the news. they understand that it takes more than just your content to be in that top place.

The Nigerian music industry is a perfect example of the phrase “Soldier go, Soldier Come”, as the elders in the game who were once dominating the industry fades out, the young and hungry artists are constantly showing their willingness and ability to take up their place.

we have compiled a list of artistes that came to the music scene as a surprise and won our hearts. We all thought they are the ones to truly succeed the like of  2BabaD’BanjOlamideWizkidDavidoand Co but they failed us. We never thought they might sooner or later be irrelevant.

Note:- This list is in no particular order, So lets go

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Sean Tizzle

One of the most talented acts that we had in 2014. He came and blew us all away with some shocking, mind blowing, street waving hits with his sonorous voice.

Sean Tizzle rose to prominence when he released ‘kilogbe‘ which seems like the street anthem back then in 2014 and he later backed it with a 14 tracked album which has all of the tracks being loved by everyone.

Only until then did we believe Sean Tizzle was never the artiste that can hold the music scene down for a long time because he was never able to make half the hit of one of his best tracks again.

Yemi Alade

The self acclaimed “Mama Africa” was the female sensation we all had to bank on and also was at a point seem as the perfect competition we had for Tiwa Savage.

Yemi Alade might come across as one of the biggest female artistes in Nigeria but in the last three years, she has been grossly irrelevant.

Her last hit came several years ago with Johnny and hasn’t been able to churn out another hit song now for a very long time now.

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Mr Eazi

Zagaddat” 2016 saw Mr Eazi penetrate Nigeria with his sound, and the rewards have been endless. He has made more money, headlined more shows, and climbed the highest stages in the country. A co-sign from Wizkid has also helped his career and placed him on a pedestal that has further aided his career.

What has made Mr Eazi so appealing to Nigeria? His sound. Grabbing inspiration from the 80s and 90s Ghanaian Highlife melodies, he has created a modern fusion of these sounds with help from producers who hand it to Mr Eazi, who layers his pop verses over it. The thematic direction of the songs is all romance and love-based.

There’s a uniqueness to his madness that has seen him produce his songs such as ‘Skintight’, ‘Hollup’, ‘Anointing’, and ‘Dance for me’. and those songs were enjoyed as far back as 2017

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Korede Bello

After enjoying fame from his debut single ‘Godwin‘ under don jazzy’s led record label Mavin records, Korede Bello‘s career had a rocket shot and he was taken as far as touching the moon. this same single was the one that gave him the much attention any artiste would ever pray to get.

Only for him to back the golden hit with a follow up, we realized that Korede Bello is a one hit wonder artiste. he was a fluke and a daylight relevance robber. the way he was able get global attention got everyone’s attention but little did we know he wasn’t going to be around for long.

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Tekno was proclaimed as the golden boy of his generation, one with the potential to become the continent’s franchise player but as the years have unfolded, his praise has since shifted to running jokes and his influence less present on the music scene.

Tekno miles as he was formerly called was at a point framed as the next pop idol, ticking every trademark accessories box; young, smooth vocals, had the looks and was blessed with the dance moves. But all that has faded away, while the others have soared, he has become noticeably ‘lost’. he can hardly make that again.

He was formerly seem as the best competition for the likes of  Kizz Daniel, Reekado Banks, and the top artistes in his category in 2017 with the way he was dishing out songs but now, he is no way closer to them.

His perceived laziness has allowed many other third forces to emerge, now instead of contending with two, he has the likes of Kizz Daniel and more added to the list.

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The Kukere crooner was formerly known for at least 2 to 3 hits every year after he released his debut single which turns out to be a hit in 2013

His talent and reliance was questioned when he started finding it hard to keep us with the quality he was known for and the trends. His music quality started declining and he moved from being one of the most anticipating to one of the worst.

He started receiving backlash when he decided to become relevant again by shooting videos for his hit but he seems to have lost it all because he enjoys pulling off his cloths to show his 6 packs.

Iyanya joined Mavin record from his former MMMGrecord label but couldn’t keep up to the tabs but he managed to clinch the influence of Don Jazzy to make a few singles which make it clear to everyone that he has nothing more to offer.

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Ice Prince

Mr Zamani was at a point the most sensational rapper we have in the country. he rose to prominence after his debut hit Superstar. during that period, rap music was the trend, as he was introduced by one of the pioneers and the best rapper as at then M.I.

He has the ability to switch flows and rap to everyone’s understanding. the most interesting thing is that his songs were all dance able. at the peak of his career, we thought ice prince would be able to keep up with the trends and be able to stay relevant like his counter part OlamideM.i, Reminisce and co but again, we guessed wrong.

He started loosing it when everyone believed he was fond of repeating lines that goes with fraud and EFCC in his tracks and at a point, he started singing about designer dresses but he had lost it long time ago.

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Duncan Mighty

2018 was one hell of a year as we enjoyed great musics back to back and nonstop from one of the most experienced, and Sensational artistes in the country Duncan Mighty. After emerging the most featured artiste last year, Duncan Mighty Showed us there was still much of him we were yet to know. His sound is a trademark on it’s own.

He has been silent after emerging the most featured artiste last year, he has started having a silent year as guess by music spectators who said he has always been like that since the beginning of his career.

He goes off the radar completely and we never get nothing from him on social media to even give us a nostalgia about him.

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Runtown‘s story to everyone is saddening. Had a hit song in 2017, probably the biggest hit that year, had a couple of good songs but his run was punctured by the problems he had with his record label who took him to court and restricted him from performing at shows.

Since then, Runtown has struggled musically.

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Yung6ix is atop this list because he has never fulfilled his talent. He’s good no doubt, brags about his talent but you wonder what happens to that artiste who promises and then fails. Has Yung6ixever had a hit song in his career?

How come is he now of the best rappers as most people have rated him to be? Even Lil Frosh is better and more relevant than him

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So Guys, the question now is

Who Do You Think Is Not Supposed To Be On The List?

Who Else Do You Think Is Supposed To Make The List? 

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