TEKNO – Has He Lost The Magic? Can He Still Give Us Jam Like “PANA” Again? (Read This)

Take it or leave it, Tekno was the biggest Nigerian artiste in 2016 with songs like ‘Pana‘, ‘Duro‘ ‘Where‘, ‘Diana‘ and many other jams.

Alhaji Tekno as he is popularly called could have easily been in the Top 3 after Wizkid and Davido but the mediocre songs he has released lately has made it difficult for him to replicate his 2016 success.


If you are a lover of Nigerian music, you would know Tekno was at his peak in 2016 and it felt like he was gonna be up there for a long time due to the major hits he had in the year 


There was a time he even tweeted that he, Wizkid and Davido are the top three artistes in the country.

Surprisingly majority agreed with him probably because at the time he tweeted that, his claim was true because he was the ‘third force’, next only to Wizkid and Davido.

Tekno had no album to his name even though he had loads of hit songs, this didn’t affect his career surprisingly. Like most people, I got to know Tekno with his song ‘Holiday’ ft Davido, arguably the song that blew him.

Everyone knew he was poised for greatness when he won Best New Act in 2013 at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, this was also the year he got signed to Triple MG (MMMG).


2015 came and Tekno released ‘Duro’, one of the songs that reshaped his career for good and from all indications we all thought he would be a force to reckon with in the pop genre and he lived up to that expectation by releasing Chart topping songs like Wash, Pana, Diana and the conscious ‘Rara’.

Pana rose to be the biggest song in Tekno’s career as the song went on to have a wide appeal in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large and this was definitely an iconic moment for the golden boy of Africa.

Most people thought Tekno would make use of this attention judiciously and release an album to cement his place as a force to reckon with but unfortunately he disappointed in that aspect as he failed to understand the concept of timing.


Wizkid and Davido moved on to conquer the global stage and left Tekno behind, but when it seemed like he was losing it, a picture of him with Drake surfaced on Drake’s page with the caption ‘tek time’ and this picture raised high expectations from tekno but did he disappoint ? Of course ‘yes’.


Tekno released ‘Jogodo’ last year and I personally was expecting it to be the song of the year because it was even a better version than the Danfo driver’s own but Danfo drivers came up with song theft allegation which I felt was also a good publicity for the song but the hype didn’t even last up to a month, what could have happened?


News surfaced last year that his vocal box was damaged and we all hoped for Tek2016 return when he recovered but we were greeted with his track titled ‘woman’s which was aimed at praising women but it received a Lukewarm reception as it wasn’t motivational.

He also released ‘Uptempo’ which has a ‘feel good vibe’ to it and was getting nods from celebrities like ‘Olamide’ but kiss Daniel came out of nowhere to release ‘fuck you’, coupled with the ‘fuck you’ challenge, everyone forgot about ‘uptempo’ immediately.


Well, we’ve got some questions to ask you all 

If Tekno Was Still In His 2016 Form, Would Kizz Daniel Be Able To Kill His Shine With A Track?

Could It Be That Tekno Has Lost The Magic Touch?

Let’s hear from you all on this important issue.

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