Regina Daniels complains bitterly over coranavirus as she will most likely give birth in Nigeria.

Popular Nollywood Actress and billionaire wife, Regina Daniels has complained bitterly over the likelihood that she won’t be able to give birth outside Nigeria due to the coronavirus induced flight restriction.

She expressed her displeasure via a pose she made on her instastory.

In her post, she wrote;

“Corona virus, you came at the wrong time in my life 😭😭😭😭

In Another post,

Beautiful Actress, and wife to billionaire Ned, Regina Daniels-Nwoko has stated that it is not advisable for friends with big bosoms to visit other friends who are married.

In a video, Heavily pregnant Regina Daniels while escorting a friend who came visiting, stated that women shouldn’t allow girls with big bosoms visit them in their matrimonial homes.

Regina asked her friend to give her a hug and the friend obliged. Regina then spoke about the lady’s bosoms, saying it isn’t wise to have busty friends over.

“We shouldn’t allow girls with big breasts to come to our matrimonial home,” Regina says, then adds in Igbo, “Because of my husband.”


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