Rapper Meek Mill Washes Dishes In Pennsylvania Prison For 19 Cent An Hour

According to TMZ, Meek Mill is seriously cleaning up while he’s in prison, bouncing between several different jobs.

Meek’s serving his 2 to 4 years at Pennsylvania’s SCI Chester. where he’s part of the general labor crew.

A prison rep says Meek cleans the cell block, tidies up prison grounds and washes dishes. He also cooks food and serves it up, too!

He does it all with a smile, apparently, while earning just 19 cents per hour. The rep says he’s a model inmate who gets some juicy perks due to good behavior.

Meek gets access to electrical and carpentry shops, and he’s waitlisted for some therapy courses.

Lemonade from lemons, for sure. We still think he’d rather be poppin’ bottles.