Nigerian Driver Allegedly Sacrifices His Life For Passengers And Dies Alone In Accident. (Photos)

The driver of a commercial vehicle became a lone casualty of an accident after he sacrificed his life to save his passengers.

The late driver of Ejiro Onovughe Motors has been lauded and called a hero after passengers who survived the accident recounted how he intentionally ensured it was his side of the car that collided with the trailer to protect his passengers.

The bus he drove was conveying passengers from Delta to Lagos state when it collided with a heavy duty trailer and the driver died on the spot.

Days ago, a Nigerian singer on Facebook, with name, Sandra Sabriel Ifudu narrated how a Taxify driver almost kidnaped her after she ordered his ride.

She took to Facebook to share that the driver waited outside her gate till 04:00am to kidnap her just because the fee for the ride which she transferred to him didn’t reflect in his bank account.

Is Taxify no longer safe for women to use? This idiot of a driver by name Izedomni dropped me off in my house last night,waited outside my gate till 4am in the morning,then came into my compound to kidnap me. According to him,the money I transferred to him ‘has not entered’,therefore I should follow him to d ATM by 4am! to confirm. If his intentions were pure,why didn’t he wait till day break? Why ask me to follow him out at that time? If this is not an attempt to kidnap,I don’t know what it is. The only person I blame in all these,is my neighbour that opened the gate for a total stranger at 4am!

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