Maybe Joeboy’s Album Isn’t That Bad After All

Maybe Joeboy’s Album Isn’t That Bad After All

Joeboy’s album is the hottest release of 2021, as of yet. And numbers, as they say, do not lie.

When the album was released some months back, I remember listening to it and wondering “what’s this guy trying to do?” Because, the songs, to be honest, just weren’t banging on first listen.

That’s the problem, I’m not a big fan of Joeboy‘s music. If the album doesn’t hit a spot in my head, nothing will ever drive me to play it again. It didn’t hit any spot when I listened, so I discarded the album and gave it a 6/10 rating, and thought I was even being generous.

As time went on, though, and other albums started dropping, it started getting clear that Joeboy might have just released 2021’s best release. And so far, it has been. The numbers are there, the hype is there, songs from the album are becoming sleeper hits and Joeboy just won’t leave the charts.

This development has forced me to at least check it out one more time, and after listening to the album, I think my previous assessment might have been hasty.

There are some music that need time to resonate. Joeboy‘s debut album happens to be one of those albums that won’t get called anything but “average” in their first year, but after a while, people start viewing it as a classic.

Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic” might turn out to be the best album of 2021. So far, all the accolades it’s got, it deserved. One thing that is also sure is that, these Joeboy songs will be here longer than anyone expected.

Let’s hear from you.

What Is Your Favourite Track From Joeboy’s Album?

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