How To Know If You Are Qualified For JAMB Mock Exam 2018

Hello Jambites,

The 2018 JAMB Mock Exam has been confirmed to hold on February 26th, 2018.

Students are confused and frustrated over the JAMB Mock Exam Eligibility and that was the reason this Article was published.

JAMB understands everyone is willing to sit for the Mock Exam but sadly not everyone is entitled to write it.

The Reason is – If you did not select Mock Exam during your Registration, you are simply not qualified to partake in the mock examination.

Also, if you are unable to print you mock exam slip or get a notification from JAMB concerning the mock exam schedule; it equally means you are not qualified for the mock exam.

We hope you all understand.



We understand you all are not aware of this during Registration but no time to regret over this..

Continue reading your books and prepare well for the Exam, the Good Lord will guide you all through and this will surely be your last time of sitting for the JAMB Exam.

We ❤️ you all.