How a Royal Family Became Poor- [Must Read]

How a Royal Family Became Poor

How a Royal Family became Poor, homeless and lived as slaves due to the sins of their fathers.


Ibinabo couldn’t hide her excitement through the period of her flight she has been anticipating when the plane would land as, the flight looked like it was taking forever to arrive Benin city.

As the plane touched the ground on the tarmac, she felt like jumping out the window to meet her waiting family, so she imagined, everyone will be at the airport to receive her in excitement. Being away for about a decade to study medicine in America.

As soon as she disembarked from the plane, she hurried to the waiting area in excitement to meet her family; but to her oughta most dismay, no one was waiting but an elderly man who held a placard with her name on it, turned upside down.

He recognised her and called out; Ibinabo! Ibinabo!! Ibinabo my daughter; na me your papa, she was in shock. She couldn’t comprehend or come to terms with the fact that the man standing before her was her father. Thoughts went through her mind as she wondered, my father was royalty and had cars, men and maid servants who ran every erand, why would her father be the one standing before her she asked in her wandering mind.

Make we dey go house, where your bag, your mama dey house dey wait for us; the man instructed. She dragged her luggages along as she followed him out of the airport, they walked passed a land cruiser Jeep, Highlander Jeep, Rolls-Royce and some other executive cars, yet she wondered where am I being led to.

Her father stopped beside Mr. Oju’s taxi he had pleaded with to help him to the airport so he could welcome Ibinabo, who was now a medical doctor. Ibinabo stired at the taxi in disdain and asked, please what is this? Papa, I can’t enter this thing, I will follow you behind in another taxi; she walked off waiving at the airport taxi, to pick her and showed him her luggages. The driver came down from his car to put her luggages in the booth as he lifted one of the boxes she gave him a slap, are you mad? That box will feed your entire generation. He looked at her and said sorry ma, while her father who was still in awe of her attitude, shook his head and asked Mr Oju, to get in let’s them go.

They drove off as Ibinabo’s taxi followed along. She kept wondering what must have happened, why does her father look that old and why are there no servants to do his bidden nor her own. She is royalty and royalty disserves to be given such treatment. She was still in disbelief and shock believing a prank was being played on her as she thought, when she noticed the driver turned into a path that was unfamiliar to her, she queried; where are you taking me to, I said foll… when she noticed he was following Mr. Oju’s car, tell them to wait she ordered the driver, who hesitated a little; then she blurted out at him, use your horn fool.

At this her father who was now very furious blurted out; Ibinabo what is wrong with you? I have tolerated your nonsense right from the airport, I hoped we could get home so we can talk but it’s obvious I will make no sense off you right now. Let me tell you now; we no longer live in the Palace, I was thrown out of the palace like a pauper because the gods revealed that my great grand father was a slave who was adopted by the royal house hold and since he had no son, made me hair to the throne and had committed so many atrocities, which included murder of a maiden, who had seen him murder the king while he slept.

So Ibinabo; wonder no more why we stopped sending you money for your upkeep we lost everything. We now live in a hurt after the river of ogu on a farmland belonging to the head of the clan. We work on his farm to make our daily bread; can we now proceed home or you have somewhere better to go and live; just be informed, you might be stoned to death if found anywhere close to the palace.

Ibinabo; was perplexed and dumb founded that she began to shiver; because her expected reality was now a faux. She thought to herself; how the mighty has fallen, indeed life is unpredictable.

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