Face Of Superxclusive 2018 Online Contest: Final Stage Competition and Award Night !![ Must Read]

No long Talk …

After the successful Face of Superxclusive 2018 Online Contest, to be concluded on 21th June 2018, We are pleased to announce that the Final stage of the Contest will be on the Award Night which is 29th June …

Venue: Habourbar Hotel Anyigba, Kogi State.

Time : 3pm ( No African Time)


What Will Happen on that Day!!

All The 3 runner up are expected to be @ the Venue by 2pm (No African Time)

First Interview Segment will Begins with “Mercy Daniels” On Superxclusive TV!!

Next Stage!

Each Contestant among the first 3 Runner up will be given 10 ticket to sell to their friends and Family.

In this stage of the Contest, the highest sales will be ranked accordingly ..

This is to determine your ability on How to  interaction and Convince Client to Buy a Product!!

Last Stage!

The Winner from the “Ticket sales” will complete for the final stage which will be “The Fashion”
This stage each of the 3 runner up will come with Traditional, English , Casual Dress.

There will be 1Hour Segment of Fashion Show and Dance…

The Result will be computed and the final Result Out!…

The winner will be Crowned Face of Superxclusive 2018!!

Last segment of Interview Section will commence with Our Tv Presenter “Mercy Daniels” Soon After the Show!!

Note : Because You Won the first Stage doesn’t make you a winner!!

Check the First Stage of the Competition HERE

Best of Luck!!

Signed Superxclusive Mgt!!

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