DO YOU AGREE? The Threat By FG To Block Nigerians SIM CARDS Over NIN, Is Unjustifiable, Unacceptable & Will Never Happen

The threat from the Buhari-led government to block Nigerians SIM cards, is absurd and will never happen.

Not too long ago, I decided to go for the NIN registration here in Bonny LGA Rivers State, but was informed that they are no longer in operation till January 2021. You can imagine that! 🤦

But then, I discovered that all the data required, already exist in several platforms, including the BVN, driver’s license, international passport, and voters’ card. So what exactly are they demanding NIN for?

Why can’t incompetent NIMIC extract whatever informations they needed, from BVN and the rest and update the SIM card registration. Why putting Nigerians under pressure! They want us contract COVID-19 and die?

How about Nigerians in diaspora? Their sim cards will get blocked? Who is in charge of this God forsaken country sef.🤔

We go run comot for una for this country ni. Which kin Wahala be this!☹️

The federal government has no right to strip Nigerians of their basic rights under the guise of registration for national identity number or whatever. It’s not going to happen.

The urgent request for Nigerians to register for NIN is unnecessary, unjustifiable and unacceptable.

Whoever behind this development, should get lost. We are tired already. Nigerians are tired. Covid-19 pandemic have delt with us, we are into recession now and about to embark on another possible nationwide lockdown.

President Muhammadu Buhari and his agencies should have mercy on us. Nobi crime to be a Nigerian. #MyOpinion

Naijaloadedites what’s your take on this?

The Threat By FG To Block Nigerians SIM CARDS Over NIN, Is Unjustifiable, Unacceptable & Will Never Happen -DO YOU AGREE?

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