Car Carrying School Children Somersaults Into Bush After Being Hit By A Commercial Bus (Photos)

A car that was conveying school children to school was involved in an accident this morning after they were hit by a commercial bus driver who then drove off, leaving them at the scene. Gracefully, no lives were lost.

The accident is said to have occurred along Ozoro/Kwale Express in Delta state.

According to reports a white bus allegedly belonging to Agofure motors hit the Toyota Matrix conveying kids to school – the impact caused the driver of the private car to lose control and veer off the road into the bush where it somersaulted twice.

Thankfully, the kids, their mother, and the driver all came out alive from the car and were taken to a nearby hospital by first responders.

The Agofure bus that caused the accident is reported to have zoomed off from the scene of the accident immediately it happened and continued on its journey to Asaba.