Burna Boy’s “Monster You Made” Might Be The Last Warning To Our Leaders (See Why)

Voice of the nation!

Oluwa Burna has voiced out to speak for over 200 million people in Nigeria.

In context to what has happened and still happening in our nation, African Giant has sent a strong warning to our leaders and as well wake all the youths from their beds.

We can’t fold arms and expect a better nation from these so-called leaders, we need to fight for our right together as one nation.

He made the statement 👇

If the government refuse to develop the region and continue the marginalization and injustice, the youths and the next people coming after us but it will be more brutal than what we have done.

I’m not a fan of Burna Boy, but with what he just did with this song, I’ve created a special place for him in my heart. African Giant to the world!

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