Buhari Increases The Police Force Salary A Day To The June 12 Nationwide Protest – See What This Means

Buhari Increases The Police Force Salary A Day To The June 12 Nationwide Protest – See What This Means

Well as for many Nigerians – Who think President Muhammadu Buhari is clueless, I think you all got it wrong.

When it comes to shutting Nigerians up and reducing our freedom of speech, I believe Buhari is the most tactically sensible man…

In a news reaching to us this Morning 11 June 2021, that the President has directed the National Salaries, Income and wages commission to implement an immediate increment of the Police salaries.

“We are currently recruiting 10,000 new police officers to reinforce our personnel capacity across the country.

“In addition, I have directed the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission to carry out an upward review of Police salaries and benefits.

“Let me also use this opportunity to commend the leadership of the Force for their efforts, for the reforms being implemented in the area of police pensions.

“I have charged the Inspector General of Police to leave no stone unturned in the rebuilding of the morale of his officers and men.

“Let me also use this opportunity to reiterate that my directive to security agencies to shoot any person or persons found illegally with AK 47 and other assault weapons remain in place,” Buhari said.

Something Nigerians have been clamoring for since the days of the EndSARS protest, cause we felt the poor welfarism of the Police has contributed majorly to the Police Brutality facing the Nation.

But why is it that it is a day to the June 12 Nationwide Protest that the request was just implemented?

I don’t think this is coincidental O! It is an intentional tactic by the FG – Well done Bubu, I can see what you did there.. 😡

Now! that the President has increased the Police Salary, do you really think the Police will allow a general peaceful Nationwide protest to hold tomorrow?

I doubt that they will – Their Gra Gra will be very high that tomorrow and they will want to do everything to impress the President that the increment was worth it.

Buhari is a very wise man when it comes to disrupting our freedom of speech 😔😔 – Until now many occurrences have happened that should lead to Police Salary increment, but Bubu looked away.

Now, when it comes to something that might affect his Government and might call the attention of the World Organisation, he immediately improvised a way to ginger the police so they can keep orderliness and security.

He should just put this same energy into everything that will lead to the betterment of the country!

I tire for this UAR OoO!!!

My Advice To Nigerians…

The Morale of our Police force will be very high for now and going out for a Nationwide protest might be too risky…

Peaceful Protest or Not – The Police force will be out in max number across all states in Nigeria tomorrow in order to curtail any form of protest that tomorrow.

I’m even hearing a rumor that there’s Curfew tomorrow – I don’t know how true this is, but just be extra vigilant tomorrow guys..

Be SAFE!!!

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