Bobrisky Rocks His Gate Man Jacob As They Celebrate Their Trip To London (Video)

Bobrisky and his now famous gate man Jacob had an intense dance session today after all the slamming from social media users.

Bobrisky who has always praised Jacob for his loyalty, announced they will be travelling to London together in January.

To celebrate this good news, they both decided to dance with each other as Bobrisky was seen rocking his gate man in the video and Jacob filled with joy could not stop himself from smiling and staring at Bobrisky’s backside.

Here is the hilarious video in full;

Watch below :

Checkout some brutal comments;

jenniferkoromaIs; this all you guys do. Dance

poshburyI; cover Jaccurbb’s ny**h with the blood.

debchina ; Maybe, they don dey f**k

a.r.t.i.n.u.k.e; This guy will be banging bobrisky o

mubatmodester; Oh poor Jacob

oluwa_bunmie; He is f**king him. ….. They have used Jacobs glory 😂😂😂