Barely 24hrs After The President’s Visit, Tankers Gridlock Re-Appear On Eko Bridge

Just when Lagosians thought they were free of the nightmarish trailers and petrol tankers parked on the Eko bridge, which were cleared in anticipation of the arrival of President Buhari for his campaign rally on Saturday, the trailers are back to where they used to be.

The Lagos government have been called out on social media as being hypocritical.

According to them, the tankers and trailers returned barely 24 hours after the President’s visit to Lagos.

Many have expressed shock that the situation with the tankers which had become cause for concern but seemed too difficult to solve for months unend, suddenly found a solution over

Buhari’s visit and came back after the visit was over.

Some wondered why the tankers can’t continue staying where it was moved to prior the visit.

Others called out the government over their eye service.