[A Must Read] Muslims Are The Enemies Of This Nation | Nigerians Reacts To The Ban Of Falz’s This Is Nigeria

This country is sick and needs urgent attention!

Why bring in religious sentiment and careless statements into a content like this?

In case you are not aware, A Muslim group “Muslim Rights Concern Group (MURIC)” wants Falz‘s new video “This is Nigeria” deleted for having Dancers in Hijab.

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I don’t understand why Muslims go all loose and defensive whenever something seems to go wrong with their religion. This isn’t the first time something like this will happen in Nigeria, and this certainly won’t be the last. Truth be told, I think an average Muslim is a fanatic.

Falz, in his own perception about the state of the nation, recorded a video that artistically illustrates the present happenings in the country. The video covers almost every corrupt sectors of the nation. Sars officials. Fake pastors. Fulani Herdsmen. Yahoo boys. And many others like that.

Just the part where some set of ladies in hijab were shown dancing “Shakushaku” dance style let hell loose. Aren’t there parts of the country where prostitutes work with hijabs on? They probably don’t see that.

Let’s see how they bring Falz down on this. Legal actions my foot. A fulani man in the video leaves the instrument he’s playing to behead another man. How is that different from what is happening right now?

We just seem to find solace in concealing the wrong and watching how things fall apart.

Falz is not alone in this. And i bet this is going to be another interesting episode for the said “Lazy Nigerian youths”. We’re ready to watch even with the multiple jobs we do each and every day.

We need to learn how to put Religion aside and say things they way they are without sugar-coating it for any reasons whatsoever if we really want to progress as a Nation.

The Lesson:- Well, the dancers on hijab portrays the Chibok girls that was abducted in April 2014.



Do we say the Christians are more matured or what?

A Part of the Video has a clip of a Pastor praying for a Female member with the Lyrics 👇

Can you see that?

The Christians are not saying anything because they understand the message behind it and they know it has nothing to do to their religion.

The Lesson:- This addresses the madness some so called man of God indulges in.

Nigerians Want The Muslim Group To Withdraw Their Threats As Falz Did Not Do Anything Against Islamic Rights.

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