7 Reasons why you need to attend this year’s Event “EasterPara ” (Must Read)

This year show themed “Easter Para” is a show for all, that is , a show where people of different talents come together to show case what they have to the Large Audience.. And with that you heading for a great talents because there is a saying that says “charity begin at Home and as such.. Sponsored could pop-up… This platform have being into event where people come together to show case their talents..

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What’s my benefits of going to Easter para,

  1. Connections

Superxclusive will bring the little connections she has via dragging Large audience to see your talent on that day!!

2. Free Promotions

Secondly you will be listed among the best performing acts which are to be having a 3 month Free Promotions on Superxclusive.com No1. Leading Platform for Breaking News, Music and Entertainment…

3. Paid Sponsorship

You are prone to having Sponsorship for your Talent which will ease your work depending on how hard you could pull Audience…

4. Talents Mingles

You get to miggle with other artists of your same music like a rap artist getting to know is click of rap friends, DJ getting to know DJs., comedians, And so applicable to other present.

5. Location

Hosting the show in Abuja is also a head up for real performing Artiste, DJ, comedian and other Eastemed viewers present because selling your products as a business man location matters a lot and such a brilliant decisions by the team Superxclusive .

6. Relationship Spicey

Because of our ability of pulling large audience, is also an avenue to mingle with that lady you love or you have crush on..and vise versa.

7. Company/Brand Burst

Company, shop owner, brand business man/woman …this platform can build up your business / Brand by what will call Banner Placement like the one you seeing on the blog right now either at the top of inside post…
making an advertise placement is a sure one for you because this drag viewers to your landing page and as such viewers get to buy your produces…

However, there is other side attraction like barbeque, soya, Drinks and Many More!!

Without no much talk, EasterPara!! is a show to be!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen!!… Tell someone I don’t want to be told!! Come this Monday!

Date!! 22nd April!!

Time : 2pm

Venue @Kellyparalounge , Kubwa, Abuja

Tickets : Regular #1500 and VIP #3000 Only.

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