10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

There are so many different forms of beauty in this great, big world of ours. Regardless of your tastes, there’s sure to be a city out there that caters to the type of beauty and style that you seek.

But can we really rank the cities with greatest volume of beautiful women? Many attempts have been made to do so, and we’ve collated all those rankings to bring you the definitive list. Of course, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder – but most beholders seem to be in agreement that the following ten cities boast the most beautiful women.

Prague, Czech Republic

Along with Eastern European neighbors, Prague is home to beer and some of the world’s finest women. But no beer seems to taste good till one of those extraordinarily beautiful local girls is sitting next to you.

How much can be said about these gorgeous stunners. Bet those long-legged attractive blondes, wearing short skirts and dancing on tabletops at a riverside nightclub, will make any man hot under the collar.

Prague is actually one of must-visit cities, so head over, grab some delish beer or two enjoy the views and maybe you’ll see one of those blonde angels smiling right at you.

Milan, Italy

Who else do you expect to find in the fashion capital of the world? I bet thousands of charming models, chick fashionistas and fashion industry talents from all over flock to this dreamlike city seeking out fame and fortune.

Not only will you encounter long-legged models on the streets of this Italian city, but you’ll also be able to meet gorgeous ordinary women not aiming to get in the world of fashion.

So don’t even be surprised when you’ll find yourself totally enchanted with their unique Mediterranean style and charm. Let’s be fare, with so many stunning women, it’s no wonder Milan is considered to have some of the world’s most beautiful women.

Luanda, Angola

Angola is one of only two countries to have had a black Miss Universe winner, and Angolan models are popping up on the runways more and more often. Leading the way are models like Sharam Diniz, one of the Victoria’s Secret angels. In the capital, Luanda, there are trendy bars where the beauties like to hang out and mingle. So if you’re headed to Africa anytime soon, you might want to check it out. You’re likely to find yourself surrounded by gorgeous African women.

Tel Aviv, Israel

If you are looking for green-eyed beauties with dark complexion, look no further than Tel Aviv, Israel. Israeli women are required to serve time in the military so those of you who consider women in uniform extremely sexy should pack your bags right away and go to Tel Aviv, you might run into one of those military bombshells right in the middle of the street.

Beware though; these chicks can easily kick your ass if you dare to step over the line. Anyway, you’ll find some of the most beautiful gals of the world here.

Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuelans are extremely outgoing and one can’t help but want to make friends with the lively ladies of Venezuela, particularly those of Caracas.

The city is swarming with drop-dead beautiful women; only one walk down the street will make a believer out of anyone. It is the holy city of beauty, have you ever seen a beauty contest where Venezuelan didn’t reach the final? Exactly.

It’s no surprise that today Caracas is preferred by men as a top destination for women even though its reputation went downhill recently with its place on the list of the most dangerous cities.

But there’s a bright side, you take to the island of Margarita, find yourself an angel real quick and take her with you.

New York City, United States

It won’t come as a surprise, that NYC is the home land of some of the most gorgeous women. You’ll find such a variety of female charm nowhere except the Big Apple.

There are over 8 million inhabitants living in this megapolis and over a half of them are women, who come from all cultures, races and nations and in all shapes and sizes.

They are smart, beautiful, sophisticated and sassy, so rest assured there are more than enough chicks to go around if you are ready to handle some attitude.

Montreal, Canada

This city keeps popping up on every ranking for beautiful women and not without a reason. French Canadian city of Montreal is a sexy combo of European charm and North American cheek. Montreal hosts a vigorous nightlife, and its women’s beauty can even compete with the beauty of the city itself.

The city with a fantastic fashion scene is bustling with models, and as a sexy bonus, many of them also speak French. And who would refuse of being seduced with the lovely language of love?

Hong Kong, China

Even though Oriental women may not be that outstanding in looking, fashion sense of other cities is no match for that one of Hong Kong.

According to most people Hong Kong is even more glamorous than Paris. Asian women are more likely to be materialistic, as they value men’s educational background, job and of course their salary.

So, gentlemen, be prepared to meet the demands of these determined hotties if you decide to date one of them. Better yet that it is the city where all the finest actresses and models congregate to wind down after their exhausting schedules.

Kiev, Ukraine

Still wondering where to book your next vacation? Ukrainian and Swedish women named as globally most beautiful. That’s why men in Ukraine still have plenty to cheer about.

Yeah, those lovely ladies of Kyiv are mostly responsible for the reputation of gorgeous Ukrainian women. Not only is it the capital of Ukraine, but it is also the capital for all those genes of unparalleled beauty.

You might have to pinch yourself if you cannot really believe that women this beautiful and in such amounts could even exist.

They are friendly, well-dressed, well-educated and possess the art of conversation as well, and this adds to their attractiveness, charm and sensual allure, doesn’t it?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is well known for its extravagant carnivals, picturesque beaches and its beach bums. And certainly those beach bums are some of the sweetest, voluptuous and most friendly women on the planet.

A land of exceptional unparalleled beauty and without a doubt Brazilian women rival any view found in the country. Guess you are already packing your bags in a rush for a chance to find the next Adriana Lima.

Just don’t be surprised if you make up your mind to stay longer than expected and beware that beaches are swarming with beautiful tanned busty women 24/7 and the best part is tat vibrant nightlife never ceases.