Which State In Nigeria Do You Think Police Arrest/Harass Young Boys The Most?


Hello Guys,

Lets discuss this Important issue of Police men harassing young Nigerians.

We are not in anyway encouraging Fraudsters or Criminals here at all. We are only addressing this issue because even Legitimate guys suffers in the hand of this Police everywhere every day.

The Nigerian Police, most especially Sars are not smiling whenever they see young boys drives Exotic cars or looks fresh. You don enter gobe be that 

95% of Young Nigerians will almost develop Heart Attack or Stroke when they see Police on the Road. The kind shock wey person go develop within 30 seconds ehn, E go pass make them tell person sey him get HIV Self.

They will hold you down, seize your phone and without any sort of Investigation or interrogation, they will just jump to conclusion and accuse you of being an Internet Fraudsters.

Nigerian Police have one belief “No Young Boy Is Legitimate” 

They will drag you, molest you and then take you to their station where they will force their prey to write down Statement with Implicating contents. If you eventually try to act stubborn, you are indirectly compounding your problem.

I was a Victim of this when I was in School, Osogbo policewill just come Knocking on your door with a Search Warrant that does not carry your name and If you try to act Smart or act Learned, the kind beaten wey you go chop no go get mate  

Sometimes, they might even get you Arrested on the Express Road while driving and before you know, you might end up in any of their Station at Zone 11 Abere or their Station at Ring Road or Okefia and sometimes Oke Bale or Oja Oba.

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From my own experience, I think Osogbo has the highest volume of Police men terrorizing Young Boys in the name of arresting Yahoo boys without actually Investigating if they are truly Internet Fraudsters or not.

From your own point of view or experience, The Question now is “Which State In Nigeria Do You Think Police Arrest/Harass Young Boys The Most?

For Me, Osogbo Police has the Highest number of Police men who Harass young Nigerians the Most.

Drop your Comments and also Share your experience or that of your Friend/Family With Nigerian Police below.

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