Oyinbo Lady Promised To Pay Me N145m If I Marry Her 18-Year-Old Daughter – Man Says


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The 21-year-old man identified simply as Johnny Creed, who is an upcoming artist, has taken to an online platform and disclosed that an Oyinbo woman offered to give him money if he agrees to marry her 18-year-old daughter.

The young man who revealed that he was approached by a white woman to marry her daughter for money and asked Nigerians to advise him, said that after he told the lady that he has never been in a relationship, she offered to give him whatever he wants if he promised to marry her daughter.

He noted that she also promised to give a sum of $400,000 which is approximately N145,000,000million, adding that the lady proposed that she would give him the money if he promised to marry her daughter later in the future.

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Despite the fact that the money would help Creed promote his songs, he is concerned that he might fall in love with someone else before her daughter is ready for marriage.

He also noted that he has never met the lady’s 18-year-old daughter, adding that he is not willing to spoil his name or be tagged as a scammer if it doesn’t work out the way she wants.


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