Fayose Gives N20,000 To A Teacher Whose Shoe Got Spoilt In A Meeting


Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose had invited some local government workers and primary school teachers to a meeting at the government house on Thursday, 8th June, 2027. During the meeting, the governor explained extensively the reasons for difficulty in salary payment, part of which was the #1.2b that is being deducted on monthly basis sake of the debt incurred by the Fayemi administration, the deductions will continue till 2035 or so.

It was time for the workers to react, so governor Fayose called upon 5 teachers and 5 LG workers to react and make suggestions, so as one of the teachers were coming out, her shoe got spoilt, so she was limping. The governor saw that and asked one of his aides to go to his apartment and bring the female foot-wears there.

Within a twinkle of an eye, the foot-wears were at venue of the meeting, they were two designer foot-wears, the governor checked if it was the woman’s size but it wasn’t, so Fayose decided to give her #20,000 to get a footwear of her choice. People clapped in appreciation.

After the meeting, the governor felt he should not go home with the foot-wears, so he selected some young women to see if the foot-wears will be of their size, two women were lucky as it was there size, they went home with it. That was what happened. Against my brother’s perception of what transpired during the meeting, all these happened in a relaxed atmosphere, the workers were relating one on one with the governor, cracking jokes and feeling cool.

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