My Ex Wants A Secret Affair Between Us Despite Being Married

She start calling me some months ago telling me about her husband incompetence(financially broke and not responsible)

sometimes,she ask for financial assistance which i manage to render on most cases.

She also felt sorry for letting me go(she was impregnanted by the guy,that leads to our breakup)and always seek for forgiveness.

She pay me a visit 3days ago and start demanding for sex which i manage to resist.. She pleaded and cry but i make realize my concience wont allow me do such a thing.

Though,she is the reason why am still single(coz i found it hard to love since we path ways).. She has been calling ever since asking me to make love with her even if its just once to shows have forgiven her totally…

My concience is against such…..
Fellow nairalandes,
what can i do to stop her….?

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